Bye, Bye Tiara!

Bye, Bye Tiara!

Contributing Blogger:  Abria D. Williams of The Blessed Bride, LLC

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After searching 50+ bridal boutiques and trying on over 100 gowns, you have finally found the perfect dress to make your groom shed that one tear when he sees you walk down the aisle. You are now ready to accessorize this gown to make all your guests turn on the waterworks, too! First thing you grab is the largest tiara you can find to go with the perfect veil. At last, your princess look is complete…but is that tiara really you?

Brides are no longer in need of a tiara to create a fabulous bridal look! The market is loaded with options to find the perfect headpiece that can match your venue, theme, and most importantly your personality.  You will now begin to see more birdcage veils, glittery headbands, sparkly barrettes, over-sized flowers, and long, exaggerated veils! The choices are endless and can get a tad bit overwhelming; so where do you begin?

The first thing to consider when choosing your headpiece is your hair. Are you preparing for an up do, an elegant bun, or just letting your curls cascade down your shoulders? One suggestion would be to try  an over-sized flower to go with your curls that are swept to the side.  Another would be to consider trying a birdcage veil to go with that elegant bun. Start thinking of hairstyles when you begin dress shopping to make this step go a little smoother.

The next thing to consider is your dress, of course! You never want your accessories to clash with your dress. The two should compliment each other. If your dress makes the statement you need, then try something simple for your headpiece or vice versa.  When in doubt, keep it simple!

The last thing to consider when you are choosing the headpiece is your theme. You want to make sure your entire vision comes together for your wedding. That means your venue you should match your decor as well as the attire for your wedding. You want to pick a theme and stick with it. Remember to have fun with it! Check out these cool hair accessories and let us know what you think!
Warm Wishes,

Abria [TBB intern]


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