TBB welcomes Abria Williams!

We are thrilled to announce that The Blessed Bride family is continuing to grow!  TBB is proud to introduce you to our newest family member, Abria Williams!

Abria Williams

Learn more about Abria:

Abria Williams is a born and raised Georgia girl! She is currently studying within the field of hospitality.  Her passion for wedding planning started when she was 10 years old and discovered the movie, “The Wedding Planner,” which is still her favorite movie!  Abria is elated to join The Blessed Bride, LLC as an intern and contributing blogger.

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TBB welcomes Quail Arnold!

We are thrilled to announce that The Blessed Bride family is growing!  TBB is proud to introduce you to our newest family member, Quail Arnold!

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Learn more about Quail:

Quail T. Arnold is a native Atlantan and a wedding enthusiast. Her fascination with weddings began at the tender age of six when she was selected as the bride in her church’s production of the “Tom Thumb Wedding.”  Quail brings years of experience to TBB, having served as a bridesmaid in a host of weddings and event planner for various showers, galas and events. Quail will also lend her talents as a bridal stylist.  She believes in helping brides bring their vision to life through perfectly executed bridal styling. In addition to weddings, she loves mentoring and educational research. She is thrilled to be a contributing blogger for the blog and creative liaison to The Blessed Bride, LLC.

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10 years strong! :: Allen Vow Renewal

The vow renewal of Chris and Brittani Allen was such a sweet moment for TBB!  This couple has 10 years behind them and a lifetime ahead!  The parents of two beautiful children, Chris and Brittani were surrounded by family, friends and loved ones during their vow renewal ceremony.

Take a peek at some of the images below:

[Photograph credit to Adrienne Lampe Photograph & TBB]

Featured Love :: Holley & Brent

Hi friends!  For Valentine’s Day 2014, I am so elated to share with you the love story of #TBB couple, Holley Thomas and Brent Johnson!  Holley and Brent are a super sweet, loving and adventurous couple (they love to travel!)  Take a peek at the story of how they met.


How We Met

Holley and Brent met in February 2012 while working at a local mental and behavioral health agency in Atlanta. Although they only worked together for a short amount of time, their brief interaction with each other left lasting impressions. Brent contacted Holley around the month of August with interest in booking a bounce house (Holley owns an inflatables company!) for his fraternity’s street festival, which was to be held the following month in September. Unfortunately, Brent never followed up with Holley about the bounce house. Holley (being Holley!), decided to ‘call Brent out’ on Facebook and ask him why she had not heard from him about the festival. Brent felt bad for ‘dropping the ball’ and decided to ask Holley out for dinner to Applebee’s.  This dinner created sparks and butterflies!  Months later, they knew they were truly in love when in January 2013, Holley decided to travel to the Delta Sigma Theta Centennial Celebration in Washington D.C. Brent missed Holley and Holley missed Brent! The two spent every free minute of Holley’s trip talking on the phone and discovering how much they truly loved each other. Their courtship continued until Brent popped the question!  Holley accepted Brent’s proposal and the couple is currently planning not one, not two, but three marriage celebrations in the summer of 2014!  We can’t wait to share their wedding story and images!


Photography credit:  Kanisha Wilson