A Pop of Color Goes A Long Way!

A Pop of Color Goes A Long Way!

Contributing Blogger:  Abria D. Williams of The Blessed Bride, LLC

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There are so many ways to incorporate color into your wedding and brides are doing it now more than ever! Before, brides were sticking to a basic two-color palette such as chocolate and ivory, red and black, or purple and silver. Today, adding additional pops of color can make all the difference in creating a vibrant color scheme.

Brides are steering away from traditional colors and heading straight for brilliant, bold colors! Recent trends are showing purples combined with blues, mint mixed with coral and lavender accented with an array of greens.

My advice about selecting colors for your wedding is to simply have fun with it! Pick up a few color swatches and see what goes together. And don’t limit your colors to just decor! Colors can be used all throughout your wedding; from incorporating hot pink accents to your departure vehicle all the way to having your bridesmaid’s cobalt blue bouquets match their shoes. Consider your venue with choosing your colors as well. If you know the carpet in your venue has an apple green hue, then consider the carpet when finalizing your colors. All and all, just have fun with it! Here are a few color trends that have been popular this year. Tell us what you think!


Courtesy of TheBeautyBridal.com

Courtesy of coolaz-koozies.com

Courtesy of coolaz-koozies.com


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